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Specialists in management & leadership development, training and coaching



Our mission is simple; inspiring people to take action and achieve the extraordinary, so that more people live fulfilled lives 

Winning Within was founded by Simon Grayson, Trainer, Facilitator and Coach for a wide range of multinational organisations and former Elite Performance Coach for 2012 World Cup winners West Indies Cricket.

Simon’s passion for helping people to achieve the extraordinary has driven him to develop a suite of experiential training courses and development programmes that inspire change and improved performance. Simon and his team also deliver impactful 1:1 executive coaching sessions, leading to clarity of thought and behavioural change.

At Winning Within we believe in the power of holding up a mirror; having honest, non-judgemental conversations, empowering our participants to take accountability for the necessary changes. This authentic support, built on trust, helps us to unlock an individual's full potential and achieve outstanding results for themselves and ultimately your business.

We partner with world class people and organisations, using proven methodologies created by the likes of Professor Amy Edmondson and Shirzad Chamine. Utilising our credentials in these scientific approaches, combined with new technology, we are uniquely placed to support individuals, teams, and organisations to maximise their performance.  

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