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Don't just take our word for it

We work to develop leaders and managers at all levels and across a wide variety of industries, providing management and development training courses and executive coaching. Some of the people we've worked with kindly sent us a few words to thank us for our help: 

Darren Sammy

West Indies Cricket Team Captain 2010 - 2016

From the first time we worked together the sessions were excellent and very informative.


What I realised is that all the players were captivated by the visual demonstrations you presented. I can honestly say that seeing these demonstrations and constant reminders to our team mates whilst playing or just being in a team set up has helped us in working towards our team goals.


Having more motivational sessions with the team can be a strong asset in us moving forward.

The job you've done in preparing us mentally was excellent and I do hope you can be a part of our team in the future.

Dom Littlewood

Technical Director, leading construction company

I had a fantastic time working with Simon in my capacity as a Technical Director in the construction sector.


I came to the course confident in my abilities as a people manager, feeling I couldn’t be taught much more. Whilst Simon and I were on the same page, he brought techniques and skills to broaden my skillset that I hadn’t considered before, and improved me in areas I didn’t realise I needed work.


The team grew together during our time with Simon, and we still catch up now and discuss the things we learned during the course.


I would recommend Simon to any individual or company looking to take their management skill set to the next level, whatever level it may currently be.

Bill Templer

Former Managing Director, Global Investment Bank

I was fortunate enough to work with Simon a few years ago. At that time, I was experiencing some difficulties at work and Simon helped me immensely in three important ways:

Firstly, he calmed me down. When you're in the thick of a problem it often becomes all absorbing and all consuming.  Emotions get in the way of rational decision making and thought processes.

Secondly, with careful, considerate and insightful questions Simon got me to talk through the problems I was facing and helped me to understand why I was reacting the way I was.

Thirdly, Simon helped me to draw my own conclusions and to understand what actions I needed to take.  He never imposed his own thoughts or judgements on me but ensured that I was completely in charge of my own decision making.

Through this set of conversations and many over the following years, I have found Simon to be an incredibly thoughtful and thought-provoking person.  He has an amazing knack of being able to lead you to the important points. I would be delighted to recommend him to anyone.

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