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Winning Within

Winning Within was founded by Simon Grayson. Simon was the Elite Performance Coach for West Indies Cricket, supporting the team to World Cup victory in 2012. He has extensive experience working for large multinational organisations as well as SMEs across different industries including I.T, finance, telecommunications, retail, hotels and construction. Simon’s dynamic approaches to helping leaders navigate change and challenges resulted in the creation of Winning Within; helping people to win within themselves, within teams and within organisations.


Our approach

We’re people people. We love to build long-term partnerships with our clients to support their objectives and people strategies. We also believe in treating all our clients as individuals – everyone has different personality traits, strengths, skills and interests – we work with the person ‘as a whole’ to truly unlock their potential.

We’re all about honesty and curiosity. We deploy some tough development techniques along with humility to engage, motivate, and inspire action. This sometimes means challenging their thoughts and behaviours in order to really get the best out of them. . 

Our core value is integrity – so we hold people to account. If they say they’re going to do something – we’ll use our skill, experience and know-how to ensure they follow through with their commitment.

Our training courses are all about interactive knowledge sharing because we know that engagement is absolutely crucial to inspiring action. To bring the training to life we combine proven science, theories and models alongside stimulating exercises, facilitation and media to make the learning stick. Improvement means 'a change for the better' and our clients will leave the room with a plan of how to improve performance. We will then support their implementation through follow-up conversations.

We want your business to gain outstanding results utilising the number one resource...your people. Everything we do has action at its core which is fundamental to our success-driven approach.

Our mission and values

Trust - the foundation that all relationships are built upon

Our mission is: inspiring people to take action and achieve the extraordinary so that more people live fulfilled lives. Our business revolves around our key values which are:

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Honesty – always speaking our truth

Integrity - being authentic and always doing the right thing

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Partnerships working collaboratively for win:win results

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Passion – the number one indicator for success

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Accountability – taking full responsibility for decisions and actions.

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