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1:1 Executive coaching services

We use coaching to bring about lasting change by engaging in brilliant conversations. In these sessions we don't teach or train, we support people to learn, which has the added benefit of empowering and enabling. Coaching has the potential to develop individuals, organisational culture and leadership approach by contemplating different perspectives and better decision-making.

These one-to-one coaching sessions are action-oriented and built around a blend of the organisation's goals and culture as well as the individual and their goals. We take into account personalities, skills, strengths and desires and we also believe in the importance of work-life balance - what happens outside work affects the quality of what happens inside work so we develop people ‘as a whole’.

We create strong partnerships with each coachee enabling honest conversations that hold people to account – this may mean having challenging conversations or being their loudest cheerleader. Our job is to support the individual to unlock their potential and live a more fulfilled life throughout their challenges and successes. Our coaches will find the balance which at times may mean building confidence or giving people a ‘loving boot’ to ensure they reach their aims.


Coaching has the added advantage of improving employee engagement and empowering change within people and organisations. The key is to deliver an aligned and engaged team with the ability to attract, identify and retain top talent. We coach high-performance managers and leaders, supporting them to create an environment where success is inevitable. 

What can a coach do for your people?

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Challenge and support to reach their full potential

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Develop clear and courageous goals

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Offer fresh perspectives on what may be holding them back 

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Support them to overcome problems and break through barriers, increasing their ability to take action

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Increase interpersonal skills and their ability to understand and empathise

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Clarify how they will objectively measure their progress

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Encourage them to stay focused on their desired goal

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Explore methods to find and maintain a positive work-life balance

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Be an objective and confidential sounding board.   

As part of our coaching package we can also offer hypnotherapy, if required. Hypnotherapy provides access to the subconscious mind enabling deep-rooted changes to be made simply. Our qualified hypnotherapist can add enormous value by helping to identify the pattern, behaviour or emotion that is stifling potential and then reprogramming this into a more positive way of living and working. Many of our clients are surprised by how simple this process is and gain the benefit of a long lasting developmental change.

Coaching vouchers

Coching vouchers

Coaching vouchers are a wonderful support and development option for organisations that require maximum flexibility. It is possible to purchase any number of vouchers and distribute them within your company as you see fit. Some clients have given a series of vouchers to a particular individual, whilst others decide to share the sessions across entire teams or departments. Each voucher provides the recipient a 90-minute coaching session (delivered remotely) and is valid for 12 months. Some of our clients are also using the vouchers as part of a staff benefit package or a tool to deliver additional support when required, helping the recipient to see challenges through a different lens, creating better solutions. 

The power of coaching is phenomenal and to help increase awareness we are currently trialling a 'try before you buy' offer. You or a member of your team can have a free 45-minute coaching session before deciding whether to go ahead and purchase a set of coaching vouchers. If you'd like to book your free coaching session please email us. 

Let's improve tomorrow right now - Get in touch 

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