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Team development training programme

All too often leaders and managers do not capitalise on the resources (hardware, people, information and time) they have at their disposal. This leads to increased pressure, inefficiencies and ultimately frustrating results which can spell disaster.  We are fascinated with the 'people' resource and the quality of relationships that managers must build with key stakeholders such as direct reports, colleagues, senior leaders, customers and suppliers in order to win. We realise that under pressure a manager will return to their comfort zone which is usually either taking too much work on themselves or not taking enough responsibility. Either option leads down the wrong path. 

This programme develops an appreciation of the 'people management' role of the job and equips participants with the skills, knowledge and mindset necessary to effectively lead and develop their teams. This is the key to achieving results through people, which is the ultimate responsibility of an effective manager! We support our delegates through a combination of sharing effective proven leadership skills, using real-life examples and demonstrating positive role modelling behaviours. 

Building a high-performing team

We provide the participants with the essential skills required to effectively achieve the objectives of the organisation through their people. This requires building a high-performing team, both inspiring and developing effective individuals within.


Delegates on this programme will walk out with a clear plan and the positive intent to focus their actions towards developing a winning team and understanding how they will maximise all of their resources. 

Some of the topics we cover include:

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Culture and climate: understanding and establishing a winning environment

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Transparency: building confidence through clarity of purpose and a common goal  

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Strengths identification: creating foundations for high-performance 

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Illuminated communication: increasing awareness of how other people need you to communicate 

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