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Personality trait


Increasing understanding of 'self' is the cornerstone to management development. Using assessments from Psytech International, a world-class occupational psychometric developer, we provide personality profiles to individuals, businesses and organisations giving insight into functioning and performance. Appreciating a person’s energies and drives helps identify where they are likely to gain most satisfaction and make the biggest contribution at work.


Gaining awareness of strengths and weaknesses enables development plans, the correct support structure, and are aligned with business goals to vastly increases the probability of success. At Winning Within, our coaching psychologist who is accredited with the British Psychological Society to conduct level 2 personality and occupational assessments, provides invaluable sessions and adds transformational benefits. 

Our assessments

Assessments we can offer in our solution include:

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Personality assessment - providing an in-depth analysis of the full sphere of human personality.  It contains the highest standard of gender and cultural fairness and is available in over 20 languages and provides insight into how people typically think, feel and interact with others.

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) - analysising an individual’s EI against the groundbreaking framework of EI by Dr Daniel Goleman.  It looks at personal and inter-personal competencies and is excellent for developing competencies through coaching and training.

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Behavioural competencies - identifying personal strengths and development areas against a universal framework of nine behavioural competencies.  It can be used to review gaps in performance, personal development and selection decisions for example.

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Sales and service roles - supporting the selection and development of personnel in sales and service orientated roles, where specific client and customer orientated behaviours are required. 

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Health and safety assessment - workplace accidents can cause unnecessary downtime and cost.  This assessment identifies an individual’s approach to safety and associated behaviours.  It can be used as a basis for role selection and wider workforce training.

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Learning styles inventory - organisations can support their training and development by identifying which learning strategies are the most effective in their individuals. This allows learners to work to their strengths and organisations to shape and design more effective courses and workshops.

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